CARTA membership provides benefits to government and industry partners that range from strategic to logistic to interpersonal.

Collaboration, Research, and Oversight

  • Foster relationships for government/university and industry/university collaborations within and beyond membership
  • Selection of project topics that membership resources support
  • Direct influence over cutting-edge research of prime interest
  • NSF reporting and IAB reviews on semiannual formal basis
  • Rapid transfer of results from projects to all CARTA sites
  • Members have insight and access to all CARTA research projects

Leveraging Resources and Synergy

  • Leverage relatively small investment to reap far greater return via consortium-style research center
  • Members can identify fundamental research projects for supplementary NSF I/UCRC funding
  • Access to university research labs with world-class facilities
  • Highly leveraged and synergistic pool of multicore computing resources
  • Cost-effective R&D in today’s budget-tight environment, ideal for Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI is approximately 12:1

Personnel & Recruitment

  • Access to strong cadre of faculty, students, and post-docs
  • Strong pool of students with experience for internships with industry and government
  • Offering of computational science curricula, theory, and practice

Technology Transfer

  • Amass research ideas to inspire and drive new government and industry projects and products
  • Transfer research results to serve government and industry projects and products
  • Provide prototype tools to support government and industry projects and products


  • Meet and interact with other key players in government, industry, peers, and customers
  • Meet and interact with key players in government and academia
  • By extension, network more broadly from contacts provided by fellow members

Funding Benefits

  • NSF provides base infrastructure funds for CARTA via Industry/University Research Center (I/UCRC) grants
  • Industry and government partners support CARTA through memberships
    • Each membership is associated with ONE university. Partners may hold multiple memberships (supporting multiple students) at one or multiple sites
  • Membership Fee: $50K per year for the years 2018 and 2019
    • Base cost of a graduate student for one year includes stipend, tuition, insurance, and related expenses including Other Direct Costs (ODC) is >$50K
  • Each university supplements cost of CARTA operations
    • 40% university matching of industry membership fees by reducing ODCs on membership fees to 10% from 50%
  • CARTA funding leverage is greater than 3:1

If your organization is interested in being a part of CARTA, please contact us.